Monday, May 26, 2008

For Fathers Day

My husband wanted some pictures of the kids for his work. I tell you it is so hard to photograph your own children. My son just gave me the hardest time I am surprised I got any good pictures with him.



Silly boy



Carrie said...

Those REALLY came out great!!! Where did you take them at? I noticed the wood floors in one of the pictures.

Photography by Marianne said...

Didn't you notice my new floors and walls Carrie? LOl just kidding it's a fake floor and wall setup. They didn't turn out like I wanted but it's all I could get with my son.

Robin DePaula said...

Wait til they get older . . . my son is 11 & will not allow me to take his photographs anymore!! He tells me, I'll let "so & so" take them if you call them. UGHH . . .very frustrating to say the least!

You did a great job with your kiddos!