Friday, August 8, 2008

Beautiful Day

It was such a nice evening so I had to grab the camera. You could actually sit outside with out pouring sweat. There was even a little breeze. Really makes me look forward to fall.


Sneaky Little One

Watch Out

My Heart

Beauty Queen


Vicknair8 said...

omg i love those pic... Il ove the hat kaylas got on also lol !! CUTE CUTE

Natasha Whiteley said...

Winter is just about over here, we're due for some warmth and sunshine, lol!
lovely photographs!

Carrie said...

Great pictures! I love the one with the kids laying on the ground! Did Kayla get her hair cut?

MariaH said...

wow he really is prince charming with those beautiful eyes!! Great images!!

Amanda said...

lovely photos!

kristinfranke said...

love these! what a beautiful family you have!

char said...

Once again, beautiful! Thanks for answering my questions! I just love how you capture skin tones and the eyes! So very pretty!