Monday, December 29, 2008

My Extended Family

I am so excited to have the pleasure to photograph my family on my mothers side. We always had a family tradition to go to my grandmothers house after Christmas. Now that we are all grown with kids, job, boyfriends, school, etc.. it's very hard to have everyone together. This was a very special moment and I am just blessed to have it photographed to keep forever. Especially to get an image of my mother and father together. This is a moment to always remember!! Sorry about the images cut off to the right. I really need to get a new blog.

This is my family with my mom, dad, brother, and sisters.

My Mother and Father


My Sister and her Husband


My Grandmother with all her Great Grandchildren


My Mom (right) her Mother and Sister.


My Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins



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Carrie said...

Love the photos - you did a great job! I want to see the one with NeeNee and all of us grandchildren :)