Saturday, February 7, 2009


Does anyone recognize this family? I did her wedding. This family was so much fun and just let me do whatever with it. I love that!!! This is my first REAL maternity session.

These sisters are only a week apart. Are they not the cutest or what??

Fun Family

I told you these guys were fun!!!

Belly Shot

This is so beautiful and intimate!

Intimate Maternity




Anonymous said...

I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!! You did an amazing job!! I can't wait to order! Thank you so much!


amy said...

omg I LOVE LOVE THESE pictures........ i just figured out Eliz wearing blue for boy and sister wearing pink for girl.. too too cute... omg fam pic too too cute/... love the ones of mommy and daddy.... shows the love ...... marianna u did a great great job..........

Carrie said...

Great pics - and Amy - I don't think that was actually planned but hey that is true!!!!

I enjoyed going on the shoot with you!

Photography by Marianne said...

Thanks for all the comments. I am so glad you like them Elizabeth. You guys were such a pleasure to photograph. Carrie thanks huge for your assistance!!