Friday, July 11, 2008

My Little Model

I so have to share this! I am so excited! My son came up to me and said this " mommy if we go outside I be your model." LOL!!! It was the cutest ever!! So of course I took him up on that offer. He never sits still for two seconds for me to take pictures. There aren't any smiles but hey who cares he sat still!!
My son




And one of my daughter in the pool. It has been 90 degrees outside!!
Swim Time


Vicknair8 said...

omg iul loveeeeee those pic of jayden Wow LOve them!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Wait - I had to go back and re read what you wrote to make sure it said your SON said that! Too funny!! I LOVE IT! Great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin DePaula said...

These are beautiful . . . and I hear ya about the heat!!!

Bronie said...

awesome photos! i love the b/w!

Natasha said...

stunning photos!